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Get consultants assistance for epfo registration and epf return filing of individuals, partnership firms, private limited company and LLP . is a professional consultants practicing ESI and EPF Compliance's in  Kochi, Kerala. We  have wide experience in epfo and esic affairs in India. Our pricing plans for epfo registrations starts from Rs. 4,500/-. We help business and individuals all over in the major and minor cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Pune , Surat, Kochi for EPF Compliance's. Every establishment having employees more than 20 must register under EPF and contribute to the concerned funds. These registered establishments must file monthly returns showing the contribution details to EPFO Authorities. 

EPF Registration  

from Rs. 2,500/-

EPF Registration & EPF Return Filing


The Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 applies to the Factories engaged in Industries specified in Schedule I of the Act or to other establishments notified and engaging 20 or more employees. To facilitate easy compliance by the Big Industries, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), other Establishments EPFO has provided online facilities starting from the registration of the Establishments, filing of monthly returns integrated with online payment of the contributions and charges. It is mandatory for an employer to apply for EPF Code number and start depositing of monthly contributions and to submit required e- returns to the EPF Department under the Act well in time, failing which, the employer will stand liable for the damages and consequences thereof.

Who should register for EPFO ? / Applicability of EPF ?

It covers every establishment in which 20 or more persons are employed and certain organisations are covered, subject to certain conditions and exemptions even if they employ less than 20 persons each. The act does not apply to co-operative societies employing less than 50 persons and working without the aid of power. The central government has issued a notification under section 16 (2) of the Act exempting certain establishments which are employing only ex-servicemen and who are in receipt of pension benefits as admissible under the Government rules from the operations of the Act for a period of five years with effect from February 08, 1995. 

Further Explanation to the EPF Applicability

The Central Government issued a notification in accordance with the provisions of section 1 (3) (b) of the Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952 covering every trading and commercial establishment employing 20 or more persons, engaged in the purchase, sale or storage of any goods including establishments of Exporters, Importers, Advertisers, Commission Agents and Brokers, Commodity and Stock Exchanges but not including Banks or Warehouses established under any Central or State Act. 

As per the rules, in EPF, employee whose ‘pay’ is more than Rs. 15,000 per month at the time of joining, is not eligible and is called non-eligible employee. Employees drawing less than Rs 15000 per month have to mandatory become members of the EPF. However, an employee who is drawing ‘pay’ above prescribed limit (at present Rs 15,000) can become a member with permission of Assistant PF Commissioner, if he and his employer agree. 

EPF Act has been rightly made applicable upon an establishment employing more than 20 employees as per report of the Enforcement Inspectors which was upheld by the designated authority of the PF. It was further held that when the question arises bout applicability of the Act and the employer wants to rebut findings of EPF Authority stating the Act is applicable, the employer being legal custodian of the records and registers pertaining to payment of wages of employees and their attendance has to dislodge the findings otherwise the Act wiil be extended upon the concerned employer. In Shortly says, the responsibility is on  the employer to prove the Non Applicability of ESI Act. 

Documents required for EPFO Registration

  1. Id proof of the Applicants

  2. Address proof of the Applicants

  3. PAN of Business & Applicants

  4. Registration certificate of Shop and Establishment / Factories

  5. Specimen Signature of Applicants

  6. Rent Agreement  / Office Address Proof

  7. Partnership Deed

  8. Certificate of Incorporation 

  9. MOA / AOA


EPFO Registration & EPF Return Filing Pricing Plans

EPFO Registration

Plan 1

Rs. 2,500/-

EPFO Registration for Individuals, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Company and LLP. Exclusive of fees and taxes of all fees and taxes. Package includes EPF Registration only

Plan 2

Rs. 4,500/-

EPFO Registration for Individuals, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Company and LLP. Exclusive of all fees and taxes. Package includes EPF Registration and  ESI Registration.

Plan 3

Rs. 8,000/-

EPF & ESI Registration for Individuals, Partnership Firms, Private Limited Company and LLP. Exclusive of all fees and taxes. Package includes EPF Registration and ESI Registration and Shop and Establishment Registration.

EPF Return Filing

Plan 1

Rs. 1,250/-

Applicable to individuals, partnership firms, company & llp having number of employees less than 20. EPF Return only, Monthly Charges

Plan 2

Rs. 2,250/-

Applicable to individuals, partnership firms, company & llp having number of employees less than 20. Both EPF & ESI Return, Monthly Charges

Plan 3


Applicable to individuals, partnership firms, company & llp  having employees more than 20. Price is negotiable and includes EPF & ESI Returns


Get a price quote for EPF Registration and EPF Return Filing Plans

Who can be member of EPFO?

A person who is employed for wages in any kind of work, manual or otherwise, in or in, connection with the work of a establishment covered under the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, and who gets his wages directly or indirectly from the employer, and includes any person employed by or through a contractor in or in connection with the work of the establishment.

Who can be a member?

An employee of a covered establishment, if not excluded, is compulsorily a member of the employees’ Provident Funds Scheme. The employer of the establishment himself makes the employee a member by following prescribed procedure. An excluded employee is an employee whose pay at the time of being a member exceeds Rs. 15,000/- per month

Can a member contribute at a higher rate (above 12%) on voluntary basis?


What is contribution rate payable for a member?

At present, an employee contributes 12% of the Basic wages + Dearness allowance + Retaining allowance in EPF. The employer also pays 12% of pay out of which 8.33% of pay is diverted to Pension Fund and the rest 3.67% is diverted to EPF.

How UAN is allotted?

A Universal Account Number for each of the PF Account Number appearing in the ECR w.e.f. January 2014 to June 2014 has already been allotted by EPFO and available to employers on OTCP. Kindly read the User Manual for Employers to know about recurring/subsequent UAN generation/linking. The link for User Manual for Employers is: w.pdf

How employer can see the UANs allotted to its members?

Yes, employer can very much see the UANs allotted by EPFO to the members of his/her establishment. He /she has to go to the UAN Menu, where there is an option ‘Download UAN List’. Just click ‘Download UAN List’, you will be able to see the UANs allotted to your members at a glance. If you want to download the PDF of the same, there is an option at the RHS of the page with hyperlink to download. Press this hyperlink, you will be moved to 5 options to download. Select as per your requirement and download the same.

What is the procedure to give UAN to new employees?

After successful ECR submission and remittance of the same in bank, the list of the employees without UAN in that ECR will be available in ‘Confirm Previous Employment’ link for either declaring previous employment details or fresh employment on the basis of Form-11 submitted by new member. Once it is approved by the employer, this information will be pushed to EPFO for UAN allotment/linkage accordingly. Newly allotted UAN List will be populated on the portal under the option ‘Download UAN List’

Can employer download the list of UAN by its creation?

Yes, employer has an option to download the UANs by its creation/ascending order/descending order/distribution. You have to click the hyperlink download PDF/Text and will get 4 hyperlinks for selecting the order as mentioned above.

Which documents are considered for KYC?

Following documents can be used for KYC:- A)  National Population Register  AADHAAR  Permanent Account Number  Bank Account Number  Passport  Driving License  Election Card  Ration Card  ESIC Card (Being introduced shortly) B. However Bank Account number alongwith IFSC is compulsory and Aadhaar or PAN are necessary wherever issued to a member. C. IFSC is to be given only against Bank Account number and not against any other type of KYC.

Is digital signature mandatory for approving KYC.

Yes, for approving KYC, digital signatures are mandatory.

Is assist to register for EPFO in India ?

Yes, assist to register establishment under EPF Act. We also help to file monthly return of EPF. We are the best and leading EPF consultants in Kochi. We serve entrepreneurs in Kochi and Kerala to register and file return under EPFO. Find your best assistance for EPF Compliance in Kochi, Kerala and India. EPF Registration in Mumbai, EPF Registration in Delhi, EPF Registration in Bangalore, EPF Registration in Hyderabad, EPF Registration in Ahmedabad, EPF Registration in Chennai, EPF Registration in Kolkata, EPF Registration in Surat, EPF Registration in Pune, EPF Registration in Jaipur, EPF Registration in Lucknow, EPF Registration in Kanpur, EPF Registration in Nagpur, EPF Registration in Indore, EPF Registration in Thane, EPF Registration in Bhopal, EPF Registration in Visakhapatnam, EPF Registration in Pimpri-Chinchwad, EPF Registration in Patna, EPF Registration in Vadodara, EPF Registration in Ghaziabad, EPF Registration in Ludhiana, EPF Registration in Agra, EPF Registration in Nashik, EPF Registration in Faridabad, EPF Registration in Meerut, EPF Registration in Rajkot, EPF Registration in Kalyan-Dombivali, EPF Registration in Vasai-Virar, EPF Registration in Varanasi, EPF Registration in Srinagar, EPF Registration in Aurangabad, EPF Registration in Dhanbad, EPF Registration in Amritsar, EPF Registration in Navi Mumbai, EPF Registration in Allahabad, EPF Registration in Howrah, EPF Registration in Ranchi, EPF Registration in Gwalior, EPF Registration in Jabalpur, EPF Registration in Coimbatore, EPF Registration in Vijayawada, EPF Registration in Jodhpur, EPF Registration in Madurai, EPF Registration in Raipur, EPF Registration in Kota, EPF Registration in Chandigarh, EPF Registration in Guwahati, EPF Registration in Solapur, EPF Registration in Hubballi-Dharwad, EPF Registration in Tiruchirappalli, EPF Registration in Bareilly, EPF Registration in Mysore, EPF Registration in Tiruppur, EPF Registration in Gurgaon, EPF Registration in Aligarh, EPF Registration in Jalandhar, EPF Registration in Bhubaneswar, EPF Registration in Salem, EPF Registration in Mira-Bhayandar, EPF Registration in Warangal, EPF Registration in Thiruvananthapuram, EPF Registration in Guntur, EPF Registration in Bhiwandi, EPF Registration in Saharanpur, EPF Registration in Gorakhpur, EPF Registration in Bikaner, EPF Registration in Amravati, EPF Registration in Noida, EPF Registration in Jamshedpur, EPF Registration in Bhilai, EPF Registration in Cuttack, EPF Registration in Firozabad, EPF Registration in Kochi, ESI PF Consultants in Mumbai, ESI PF Consultants in Delhi, ESI PF Consultants in Bangalore, ESI PF Consultants in Hyderabad, ESI PF Consultants in Ahmedabad, ESI PF Consultants in Chennai, ESI PF Consultants in Kolkata, ESI PF Consultants in Surat, ESI PF Consultants in Pune, ESI PF Consultants in Jaipur, ESI PF Consultants in Lucknow, ESI PF Consultants in Kanpur, ESI PF Consultants in Nagpur, ESI PF Consultants in Indore, ESI PF Consultants in Thane, ESI PF Consultants in Bhopal, ESI PF Consultants in Visakhapatnam, ESI PF Consultants in Pimpri-Chinchwad, ESI PF Consultants in Patna, ESI PF Consultants in Vadodara, ESI PF Consultants in Ghaziabad, ESI PF Consultants in Ludhiana, ESI PF Consultants in Agra, ESI PF Consultants in Nashik, ESI PF Consultants in Faridabad, ESI PF Consultants in Meerut, ESI PF Consultants in Rajkot, ESI PF Consultants in Kalyan-Dombivali, ESI PF Consultants in Vasai-Virar, ESI PF Consultants in Varanasi, ESI PF Consultants in Srinagar, ESI PF Consultants in Aurangabad, ESI PF Consultants in Dhanbad, ESI PF Consultants in Amritsar, ESI PF Consultants in Navi Mumbai, ESI PF Consultants in Allahabad, ESI PF Consultants in Howrah, ESI PF Consultants in Ranchi, ESI PF Consultants in Gwalior, ESI PF Consultants in Jabalpur, ESI PF Consultants in Coimbatore, ESI PF Consultants in Vijayawada, ESI PF Consultants in Jodhpur, ESI PF Consultants in Madurai, ESI PF Consultants in Raipur, ESI PF Consultants in Kota, ESI PF Consultants in Chandigarh, ESI PF Consultants in Guwahati, ESI PF Consultants in Solapur, ESI PF Consultants in Hubballi-Dharwad, ESI PF Consultants in Tiruchirappalli, ESI PF Consultants in Bareilly, ESI PF Consultants in Mysore, ESI PF Consultants in Tiruppur, ESI PF Consultants in Gurgaon, ESI PF Consultants in Aligarh, ESI PF Consultants in Jalandhar, ESI PF Consultants in Bhubaneswar, ESI PF Consultants in Salem, ESI PF Consultants in Mira-Bhayandar, ESI PF Consultants in Warangal, ESI PF Consultants in Thiruvananthapuram, ESI PF Consultants in Guntur, ESI PF Consultants in Bhiwandi, ESI PF Consultants in Saharanpur, ESI PF Consultants in Gorakhpur, ESI PF Consultants in Bikaner, ESI PF Consultants in Amravati, ESI PF Consultants in Noida, ESI PF Consultants in Jamshedpur, ESI PF Consultants in Bhilai, ESI PF Consultants in Cuttack, ESI PF Consultants in Firozabad, ESI PF Consultants in Kochi
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Know more about EPF Act and its Registration Procedure

Voluntary Coverage of EPF

The Establishments are allowed the coverage under the provisions of the Act on voluntary basis under section 1(4) of the Act on an application with the consent of majority of employees, in case the same is not otherwise come under the the above conditions. The establishment covered on voluntary basis are required to comply with the provisions of the Act at par with other covered establishments and there is on scope for opting out on a subsequent period. 

Forms to be maintained by an Employer registered under EPF Act

Form 9 : Form 9 contains a statement of all employees in the establishments giving some details like, name of the employee, father name, age, date of employment, gender, date of joining the establishment. Now we can submit this form by Online.

Form 2 : Form 2 is the nomination from in which a member appoints hie / her successor to provident fund in case of his or her demise who has to be the member of his / her family. In case there is no family then to any person.

Form 5 : This form is similar to form 9 above giving necessary information in case of those employees who join the establishment after submission of

Form 9.


Form 5A :  An employer in relation to a factory or establishment as covered under the Act shall furnish the particulars of ownership in Form 5A in duplicate along with branches and departments to the R.P.F.C. Any change of ownership and particulars is to be intimated within 15 days.

Form 10 : Form 10 is a list of employees who leave the establishment after submission of Form 9 / Form 5 together with the date of leaving and reason for leaving therefore.

Form 12 A : This  form is to be submitted every month by giving the details of basic wages, retaining allowance, dearness allowance (DA) including cash value food concession, paid contribution deducted, contribution paid, administration charges paid together with No. of Employees / Member.

Challan of Deposit : On the coverage of the establishment the employer is required to deduct and deposit the following dues in the account below mentioned :-

  • P. F Contribution @ 12% plus 3.67% in Provident Fund Account No. 1

  • Pension Fund contribution @ 8.33% in Pension Account No. 10

  • The EPF administration charges payable under Account No. 2 is minimum of Rs 500/- (earlier it is 1.1% of Salary). If the establishment have no contributory member in the month the amount payable for EPF Administration is Rs. 75/-. 

  • Insurance Fund contribution @ 0.50% of the salary to be deposited in Account No. 21

  • In case establishment is exempted under PF Scheme, Inspection charges @ 0.18% and minimum of Rs. 5/- is payable admin charges. In case Establishment is exempted under EDLI Scheme, Inspection charges @ 0.005%  and minimum of Rs. 1/- is payable as Admin charges.

All the establishment registered under the EPF Act must submit the E Return (Form 12A) and deposit the due amount before 15th of the following month. Delayed payments and filing are levy for damages under section 14B of the Act.



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