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    Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is an electronic format of a physical signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the certificate holder. It is a secure digital key issued by certifying authorities (CAs) in India to validate and certify the identity of the person holding this certificate. Digital signatures make use of public key encryptions to create the signatures. A DSC contains information about the user’s name, pin code, country, email address, date of issuance of the certificate, and name of the certifying authority.

    In the context of digital transactions and communications, a DSC plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of the data shared. It is widely used in various online transactions such as Income Tax filing, Company or LLP Registration, and GST filing. The government of India has mandated the use of DSC for these processes to ensure the security of data and transactional authenticity. In addition to its use in government filings, DSC is also commonly used in signing PDFs for Tax Returns, MCA and other websites. Obtaining a DSC is a straightforward process that involves the submission of identity and address proof and undergoing a verification process. Once issued, it simplifies and secures online transactions, providing a new level of safety and convenience.


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    What is Class 3 Certificate ?

    This certificate will be issued to individuals as well as organizations. As these are high assurance certificates, primarily intended for e-commerce applications, they shall be given to individuals only on their personal (physical) appearance before the Certifying Authorities.

    Applicability: This level is relevant to environments where threats to data or the consequences of the failure of security services are high. This may include very high-value transactions or high levels of fraud risk.

    A digital signature is an electronic form of a signature that can be used to authenticate the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document and ensure that the original content of the message or composition that has been sent is unchanged. Digital signatures are easily transportable and cannot be imitated by someone else. The ability to ensure that the original signed message arrives means that the sender cannot easily disclaim it later. We help to get a new or renewed Digital Signature (DSC) online at the best price in India.

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    A Digital Signature Certificate authenticates your identity electronically. It also provides a high level of security for your online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate. You can use certificates to encrypt information such that only the intended recipient can read it. You can digitally sign a statement to assure the recipient that it has not been changed in transit and verify your identity as the message’s sender.

    Legally valid Digital Signature Certificates are issued only through a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India, licensed Certifying Authorities (CA), such as eMudhra. eMudhra, a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by CCA, offers secure digital signatures through various options tailored to suit individual and organizational needs.

    PEAK Business Consultancy Services is one of the best-authorized dealers of eMudhra for Digital Signature Certificates. We serve clients all over India and provide DSC service for the best price in the market. DSC Service provider in Kochi, Digital Signature Certificate in Kochi.

    A RA (Registration Authority) is an agent of the Certifying Authority who collects the application forms and related documents for Digital Signature Certificates, verifies the information submitted, and approves or rejects the application based on the results of the verification process.

    PEAK bcs is one of the RA of eMudhra and Capricorn CA, who have licenses to issue Digital Signature Certificates to the applicants.

    PEAK Business Consultancy Services, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala, is the leading service provider of Digital Signatures in India. We supply all kinds of Digital Signatures at the industry’s best price.

    Digital Signatures are legally admissible in a Court of Law, as provided under the provisions of the IT Act, 2000.

    The cost of obtaining a digital signature certificate may vary as many entities are issuing DSCs, and their charges may differ. Kindly check with Certifying Authority directly for orders, and we will provide the best price for Digital Signature Certificate.

    Documents required Processcess for applying Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)


    Process for apProcessDigital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    We can avail of Aadhaar-based or PAN-based DSC.

    The aadhaar-based DSC process is straightforward and needs to validate the Aadhaar using Aadhaar OTP; no other documents are required to upload. But for that, the mobile number must be updated in the Aadhaar profile.

    In the case of PAN-based DSC, you need to upload the PAN, Aadhaar, and Photo of the applicant; at the same time, the applicant must show their Original PAN and Aadhaar at the time of video verification.

    Documents required to get DSC are:

    • PAN Card
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Email id
    • Mobile Number
    • Photo of the applicant ( In case of mobile number not updated in Aadhaar Profile)

    Note: The applicant must undergo video / biometric thumb verification to complete the process.

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    Know more about Digital Signature Certificate

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital authentication (in electronic mode) for paperless/digital certificates. Now Digital Signature Certificates or DSC or Digital signatures are being adopted by various government agencies and now is a statutory requirement in multiple applications. Individuals / Organizations can apply for digital signatures depending on their purpose. The validity of a digital signature is One / Two, / Three years. Presently various certifying authorities like eMudhra / Capricorn CA issues a maximum of three valid Digital Signature certificates.

    Nowadays, Government / Private organizations initiate paperless digital signature certificates (DSCs) to authenticate the various documents filed by the applicants, especially in the large tenders of various Government departments and Public Sector undertakings. The quote submitted by the applicants must be signed using the prescribed ClasProcessy the applicaProcessherwise, it will consider invalid. Digitally signed documents help to stop various manipulations that may be incurred in the Submitted quote. Digital Signature prices are now meager, and buying digital signatures is straightforward. Any individuals ( Residents in India) with a valid PAN and Aadhaar can obtain a paperless digital signature certificate online. Now business / Individual taxpayers use a paperless digital signature certificate (Class 3 – DSC) for ITR Filing, GST Filing, and RoC Filings. Authentications using digital signatures become mandatory for MCA, Universities, CBSE, DGFT, GST Department & Income Tax Authorities. PEAK bcs offer the best price for the digital signature certificate (Class s – DSC) in India. Obtain your digital signature certificate (DSC) online within 30 minutes process. We provide the DSCs of eMudhra and Capricorn CA. Due to the wide use of paperless digital signature certificates, the DSC providers simplified the registration process of applying for digital signature certificates in India.


    Types of Digital Signature (DSC)

    Signature Certificate

    A digital signature certificate corresponds to the signing through a private key, and individuals or organizations will use it for signing purposes. The key pair will be generated by the applicant/subscriber in a secure medium and is inherent to keep his private key in safe custody. The signature certificate is issued by Certifying Authority (CA) after the validation process mentioned in the CPS. The digital signature cost is comparatively less these days, and the relying parties can use this certificate for signature verification.


    Encryption Certificate

    The Subscriber uses the encryption key pair for receiving encrypted messages using the Subscriber’s public key. The Subscriber fills in the application and submits it to Certifying Authority (CA) or its authorized RAs along with the identification and address proof. The RA verifies the application, id proof, and address proof and approves the request. The Subscriber provides a password in the portal to protect the encryption certificate. The server generates the encryption key, escrows and makes it available for the customer in the doorway. The Subscriber must log in with the credentials sent to his digital id and download the encryption certificate from the portal.

    Processing Methods of Digital Signature (DSC)

    We have three paperless eKYC verification-based methods for acquiring the Digital signature certificate. The applicant can opt for the method they prefer. Now the issue and verification of Digital signatures are Online.

    • Aadhar-Based Paperless DSC
    • PAN Based Paperless DSC
    • GST Based Paperless DSC


    Applications of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    Individuals now use Digital signatures, Statutory bodies, Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Universities, Schools, etc., to validate their various documents. PEAK Business Consultancy Services provides Class 3 Signatures (Signing & Encryption or combo) and DGFT Signatures. Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) extensively used for Income Tax filing of Individuals and Companies, GST Compliances, ROC Compliances, e-tendering, e-procurement, and Foreign Trade documentations.

    AICTE has mandated all Technical Institutions to use Paperless Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for signing all applications from the assessment year 2021-22 onwards. AICTE will accept Digital Signatures issued by Certifying Authorities such as eMudhra & Capricorn CA.

    Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is Mandatory for Uploading a List of Candidates (LOC) and Other Registration Data for CBSC School. As per the latest notification from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board, the Principal/Head of School must use a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) while uploading the List of Candidates (LOC) and other registration data for the 2020 session-2021 on CBSE website. For CBSC School – Class 3, DSC Combo ( Individual) or Organization can use to upload the documents. Combo DSC includes both Signature or Encryption.

    Now Government organizations mandatorily obtain Paperless Digital Signature Certificates for Authorized signatories and Applicants to sign the documents before upload. Get assistance to apply for Government Organization DSC from PEAK bcs.

    • MCA / RoC e-filing
    • Income Tax
    • Foreign Trade and Digital Signature Certificates (DGFT Digital Signatures)
    • GST Filings
    • Government Organizations
    • Digital Signature for AICTE Filings by Universities
    • Digital Signature for CBSE School Principal
    • e-Tendering/e-Procurement
    • DSC for Principal/Head
    • Digital signature for Colleges & Universities
    • Employees’ provident Fund Organization


    Process to Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate in India

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are essential for individuals and businesses engaging in various online transactions and legal documentations in India. The process of obtaining a DSC is straightforward, and it involves several key steps as outlined below.

    Step 1: Selecting the Type of DSC

    First, determine the type of DSC required. There are three types of DSCs – Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Class 2 DSCs are used for business registrations, filing tax returns, etc., while Class 3 DSCs are for e-tendering and participating in e-auctions. Choose the one that suits your needs.

    Step 2: Choosing a Certifying Authority

    Choose a Certifying Authority (CA) licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) in India. The CA will be responsible for issuing the DSC. Popular CAs include eMudhra, Sify, nCode Solutions, and others.

    Step 3: Document Submission

    Fill out the application form for DSC, available on the CA’s website. Submit it along with proof of identity and address. The documents required can include PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, driving license, utility bills, and others as specified by the CA.

    Step 4: Payment and Processing

    Pay the required fee for the DSC. The cost may vary depending on the CA and the class of DSC. Once payment is confirmed, the CA will process your application.

    Step 5: Verification Process

    After submitting the application and documents, a verification process will be conducted. This could be through a phone call, video verification, or in-person verification based on the CA’s protocol.

    Step 6: Downloading the DSC

    Once the verification is successful, the CA will issue the DSC. You will receive a download link through email. Follow the instructions to download and install the DSC on your computer.

    Obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate in India is thus a process of selecting the right type, choosing a CA, submitting necessary documents, and going through a verification process. Once obtained, the DSC becomes a vital tool for securely conducting various online transactions and legal formalities.

    For more information about Digital Signature Certificates ( DSC) or for Buy or Renew DSC , reach out to us:

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    Various Types of Digital Signature Certificates in India

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are essential for various digital and online validations in India. Here are the different types of DSCs that are widely used:

    • Class 1 Certificates: These are used for securing email communications and are issued for both business personnel and private individuals. Class 1 certificates confirm that the user’s name and email address form an unambiguous subject within the certifying authority’s database.
    • Class 2 Certificates: This category is used for business registrations, filing tax returns, and signing other documents. Class 2 DSCs validate the identity of a person against a pre-verified, trusted database. They are essential for transactions having a substantial monetary or legal impact.
    • Class 3 Certificates: These are the highest and most secure type of DSCs, used in e-tendering, e-auction, e-bidding, and other online transactions requiring a high level of security. Class 3 DSCs are mandatory for all e-tendering applications in India.
    • DGFT Certificates: Specifically for the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, these DSCs are used by organizations in the import and export industry. DGFT DSCs facilitate secure online transactions with the DGFT website.

    Secure Your Digital Transactions with Our Trusted DSC Services

    “Secure Your Digital Transactions with Our Trusted DSC Services” encapsulates our commitment to offering robust and reliable Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) services, which are integral in today’s digital era. In an age where digital transactions are commonplace, the need for authenticating identities and securing data integrity is paramount. Our DSC services are designed to provide this security, ensuring that every digital transaction and electronic document you handle is safeguarded against tampering and fraud. By employing advanced encryption techniques, our DSCs bind your identity to a digital credential, giving your electronic documents the same level of legal validity and integrity as paper documents. This service is particularly vital for businesses engaging in e-tendering, e-procurement, and other online transactions, where security and trustworthiness are non-negotiable.

    Our services encompass a broad spectrum of DSC solutions, tailored to meet diverse individual and organizational needs. From Class 2 DSCs, ideal for filing government forms and applications, to Class 3 DSCs, necessary for high-security online activities such as e-auctions and e-tendering, we offer a comprehensive range of options. Furthermore, we cater to the specific needs of importers and exporters with DGFT DSCs, streamlining their transactions with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. With our easy application process, swift verification, and prompt issuance of certificates, we ensure that your journey towards securing your digital transactions is smooth and hassle-free. Our expert team is dedicated to providing continuous support and guidance, ensuring that you can confidently navigate the digital landscape with the highest level of security.

    Why Choose Our DSC Services?

    When it comes to securing digital transactions, choosing the right Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) provider is crucial. Here are the reasons why our services stand out in the digital security landscape:

    Expertise and Reliability

    We bring years of expertise in digital security, offering reliable and trusted DSC solutions. Our team is well-versed in the latest digital signature technologies and complies with all legal requirements.

    Wide Range of Certificates

    From Class 2 and Class 3 to DGFT certificates, we cater to a diverse range of needs for individuals and businesses, ensuring that you find the exact solution you require.

    Efficient and Fast Processing

    Understanding the need for prompt service, our application and issuance process is streamlined for efficiency, ensuring you receive your DSC quickly and without hassle.

    Unmatched Customer Support

    Our customer support team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the process. We provide guidance and help at every step, from application to installation.

    Competitive Pricing

    We offer our top-notch services at competitive prices, ensuring you get the best value without compromising on quality and security.

    Comprehensive After-Sale Services

    Our commitment to our customers extends beyond the sale. We provide complete after-sale support, including renewal and revocation services.

    Our DSC Services Include:

    • Application Processing: We handle the entire application process for obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate, guiding you through each step for a smooth experience.
    • Document Verification: Rigorous verification of all necessary documents to ensure compliance with certifying authority requirements.
    • DSC Issuance: After successful verification, we facilitate the issuance of your DSC from authorized certifying authorities.
    • Diverse Types of Certificates: Offering Class 2, Class 3, and DGFT DSCs to meet a variety of individual and business needs.
    • Technical Support: Providing technical assistance for the installation and use of DSCs on various platforms.
    • Renewal Services: We offer hassle-free renewal services for your DSC, ensuring continuous protection and compliance.
    • Post-Issuance Support: Continuous support and guidance even after issuance, including troubleshooting and answering queries related to DSC usage.

    Benefits of Using Digital Signature Certificate for Signing

    Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) have revolutionized the way we sign documents, making the process more secure, efficient, and legally compliant. Here are some of the key benefits of using DSCs for signing:

    Enhanced Security

    DSCs provide a higher level of security than traditional signatures. They use encryption technology to prevent any tampering with the document once it’s signed, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the signed document.

    Legal Validity and Compliance

    DSCs are legally recognized in many jurisdictions, including India. They provide the same legal validity as handwritten signatures, ensuring compliance with various laws and regulations governing electronic documents.

    Time and Cost Efficiency

    Using DSCs significantly reduces the time and cost involved in the manual signing and dispatch of documents. It allows for instant signing and transmission of documents electronically, which is particularly beneficial for cross-border transactions.

    Environmental Friendly

    DSCs promote a paperless environment. By reducing the need for physical paper and ink, DSCs contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

    Convenience and Accessibility

    DSCs offer the convenience of signing documents from anywhere, at any time, using a digital device. This is especially useful for individuals and businesses operating in multiple locations or requiring frequent document approvals.

    Traceability and Accountability

    Every digital signature is unique to the signer. It comes with a timestamp and retains an audit trail of the signing process, providing greater traceability and accountability.

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