Insurance Under the Child Benefit Scheme in the Netherlands: What You Need to Know

Insurance Under the Child Benefit Scheme in the Netherlands: What You Need to Know

In the Netherlands, the child benefit scheme (kinderbijslag) is a well-known financial support system for parents. However, less is known about the insurance aspect of this scheme. This blog post aims to shed light on the insurance coverage provided under the child benefit scheme in the Netherlands.

National Insurance Scheme

Child benefit in the Netherlands is part of the broader National Insurance Scheme (Volksverzekeringen). This scheme includes several types of social insurance, such as AOW (old age pension), ANW (survivor benefits), and WLZ (long-term care insurance). Being insured under this scheme is a prerequisite for receiving child benefit.

Insurance for Children

Children in the Netherlands are automatically insured under the National Health Insurance (Zorgverzekeringswet, Zvw) from birth. This insurance covers basic healthcare needs, such as visits to the general practitioner, hospital care, and prescribed medications. Parents do not need to pay a separate premium for their children’s health insurance until they turn 18.

Additional Insurance Coverage

  • Accident Insurance: Some schools and daycare centers offer accident insurance for children. This insurance provides coverage for accidents that occur during school hours or on school premises.
  • Travel Insurance: When traveling abroad, it’s important to check if your child is covered under your travel insurance policy. Some policies automatically cover children, while others may require an additional premium.

Insurance and Child Benefit

While the child benefit scheme primarily provides financial support, being insured under the National Insurance Scheme is a key requirement for eligibility. It is important for parents to ensure that their children are properly insured, not only for health care but also for other potential risks such as accidents.


Understanding the insurance aspect of the child benefit scheme in the Netherlands is crucial for parents. Ensuring that your child is adequately insured is an important part of responsible parenting and can provide peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If you have any doubts or questions about your child’s insurance coverage, it is advisable to contact your insurance provider or the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) for more information.

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