Benefits under Kerala Labour Welfare Fund Board (KLWFB)

Kerala Labour Welfare fund is for promoting the welfare of labour and certain other matters connected herewith in the State of Kerala. It will come under the preview of  THE KERALA LABOUR WELFARE FUND ACT, 1975. Every Establishment registered under Shop and Commercial Establishment Act 1960 come under the scope of labour welfare fund and must contribute for the Fund. Any person who is employed for hire or receive any remuneration for any work done in an establishment by working a period not less than 30 days during the preceding twelve months eligible for labour welfare fund deduction. Both the employee and employer must contribute to the Fund. This fund will be utilized for the benefits of the members in Labour Welfare Fund. To add employees / contribute for this fund both Shop and Establishment Registration and Labour Welfare Fund Registration is required.

Every commercial establishments or shops (including offices, restaurants, coffee shops, cinema theatre etc.) mandatory register under Labour Department of the Concerned State Governments to get the benefits of this fund.  This rule is applicable for all forms of business like Proprietorship, Partnership Firms, Limited Liability Partnerships and Private Limited Companies.

കോവിഡ്-19 പ്രത്യേക ധനസഹായം
(Covid-19 Special Financial Assistance)
Government of Kerala

Other Benefits of Employee Labour Welfare Fund Membership

Member Pension

Any member who have remitted the subscription for a minimum period of 10 consecutive years is eligible for pension under the following criteria :

  1. the member should have completed 60 years of age
  2. the member who is unable to go for work for more than two years due to some permanent illness

Family Pension:

If a member who have paid subscription for more than 15 years or a member who is eligible for pension dies, his family is liable to get the family pension

Maternity Allowance

Eligibility for Maternity Allowance for a female member is based on the following criteria:

  1. The member should have remitted subscription for at least 1 year
  2. The member should not come under the Employees State Insurance Scheme.

The Maternity allowance is max 3 months’ salary- or Rupees 15,000/-(Rupees Fifteen Thousand) which is lesser in case of Delivery. Whereas in the case of Abortion, allowance will be fixed for a minimum period of 6 weeks subjected to above conditions. But a member cannot claim for maternity allowance more than two times.

Marriage Allowance

A member who has paid subscription for a minimum of 3 years is eligible to get marriage allowance of Rs. 5,000/- to meet the marriage expenses of his daughter. A unmarried female member will also get this allowance for her marriage.

Death Exgratio of family members of a member

A member who has paid subscription for a minimum of 3 years is eligible to get death exgratio of Rs. 1,000/- to meet the exgratio expenses of his family members.

Treatment Allowance :

A member who has paid subscription for a minimum of 3 consecutive years is eligible to get treatment allowance of Rs. 10,000/- (maximum) subject to approval from board throughout the period of membership

Allowance for Education :

A member who has paid subscription for at least 1 year is eligible to get education allowance for his/her child .The Education Allowance scheme is prepared by the board and is implemented subject to approval from Government.

High School Education Grant

Board provides high school education grant to the children of workers. As per the scheme 8th to 10th standard students will get Rs.300/- as financial assistance. Eligibility for the grant is determined on a merit basis. Application for the grant must be received by August 30th of every year. Under this scheme grants will be awarded to 3945 students every year.

Death Allowance

If a member of welfare fund dies due to illness/accident, his/her family is eligible to get Rs.5000/-within the first 3 year membership period and Rs.1000/- after each year in the membership period with a combined benefit not exceeding Rs.20,000/- as exgratio allowance.

General matters relating to applications for Labour Welfare Fund.

  1. Application has to be submitted in Form1 for membership. Shop owners should submit the details of workers in his firm in Form 4 and submit it along with Form 1.The workers will have to submit two recent photographs and documents to prove their age.
  2. Applicants for Maternity /Death Exgratio allowances should submit the associated birth/death certificate from the corresponding Registrar. The Maternity Allowance applicants will also have to submit their hospital discharge certificate.
  3. Applicants for the benefit of the miscarriage should produce a certificate from a recognized hospital doctor.
  4. Applicants for marriage allowance will have to submit witness certificate (in proof of conduct of wedding ceremony) from the secretary /president/chairman of a public sector undertaking or MLA/MP/any gazetted officer/ authorized person from a community who has the privilege to register the marriage. In case of applications after marriage, marriage certificate can be submitted as evidence.
  5. Applicants for Treatment allowance will have to submit illness certificate from a doctor (not lesser than the rank of an assistant surgeon in government service) along with the application.
  6. Applicants for Education Allowance should submit certificate from the school headmaster/principal indicating the class/course and year of study of their children as well as income certificate from revenue authority along with the application.

Covid-19 Special Financial Assistance – Government of Kerala Application Form

Application forms Under Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishment Act 1960

  1. List of employees
  2. Application for registration and nomination
  3. Application for Educational Allowance
  4. Form 5 ( in English)
  5. Form 5 ( in Malayalam)
  6. Application for different applications
  7. Application for maternity benefits
  8. Application for Abortion Benefit
  9. Form 1 ( in English)
  10. Form 4 (in English)
  11. Application for marriage allowance
  12. Application for Treatment Benefit
  13. Application for Funeral Benefit
  14. Application for Death Benefit
  15. Application form for Registration and Nomination
  16. Form No. 6 (in Malayalam)
  17. Certificate to be attached along with the application for scholarship
  18. Application for refund of contribution
  19. Pension Application (Form 7)

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